Effective home care improves your health.

Restorative Home Care is different from traditional home care.   That is because we focus on fixing gaps in community care, building a grid of health resources to dramatically improve outcomes in the community.  When patients (or their family caregiver) call us, sometimes we can help and sometimes we know other providers who would be a better fit. An experienced Registered Nurse will always review a range of community care options available to patients during this first phone call.

Our Restorative Home Care program is also different because we care deeply about the value of comprehensive assessments.  In-depth assessments provide our nurse-led team with opportunities to identify and advocate for patient needs.  They also enable our staff to provide “first-in-class” home care for many cognitive, physical and mental health concerns. 

Our initial assessment is an opportunity to: (1) build scientific understandings, (2) reflect and connect, and (3) plan the best course forward.

Program Details

RESTORATIVE HOME CARE | IADL Assessment & Coaching
In-home nursing support x 30 days • Care planning and coaching
• Referrals to optimize care • Report and recommendations

This program is eligible for full reimbursement through most health benefit plans, including Alberta Blue Cross Benefits for Seniors.  We can direct bill your insurance provider or health spending account, or you can choose to pay directly for services.   Any out-of-pocket costs are non-taxable, and qualify as a “medical expense” for Canadian tax purposes.  Our team is happy to support patients through the claims process so they don’t have to worry about it.

What if I am not a fit for this service?

Our Restorative Home Care service does not replace Urgent Care or even family physician/nurse practitioner follow-up.  When patients are unable to leave their home, we can help facilitate access to primary care by facilitating telemedicine consultations and case conferencing with a patient’s primary care provider.

However, our team also extensively refers patients to publicly-funded services.  Our on-call Registered Nurse is on hand to answer questions about a range of community care options.  Many times we advise patients to wait until other programs and services have finished their course of treatment before we step into care. 

Not sure what to do? Call or text us at (780) 851-9717.