On-call expertise to achieve optimal health.

When health takes center stage, our on-call clinical consultants match patients with an expert team ready to offer:

  • expert clinical assessments,
  • ongoing health monitoring, and
  • advanced clinical coaching.

Our highly trained clinical team also integrates directly with health benefits plans, so a person’s finances do not interfere with quality health care.  We provide responsive, first-in-class Intensive Clinical Management (ICM) that achieves results.  This includes extensive consultations with relevant health experts, unparalleled access to telephone support, ongoing health monitoring and clinical coaching.   

Who will benefit from an Intensive Clinical Management consult?

ICM consultants specialize in treating complex health challenges among adult populations.  Our clinical consultants start by addressing the root causes of symptom distress, functional decline and disease progression – in clinic, at the gym or at home.   Expert ICM clinicians also work with other physicians to keep everyone up-to-date and moving in the same direction.  Finally, for anyone who requires medical care, a nurse-led team connects them to the right experts who fits their personal preferences.

What if I am not a fit for this program?

We understand that not every health problem requires first-in-class clinical care.  After our first consult, we often link people to another trusted healthcare provider for ongoing care at no cost to the patient.  Our team also encourages everyone to access publicly available services first, and the most appropriate professional second.  Many times that means people start with us after other health-care services couldn’t diagnose or improve their condition.

Program Details:

We can direct bill your insurance provider or health spending account, or you can choose to pay directly for services.  Any out-of-pocket costs also qualify as a “medical expense” for Canadian tax purposes.  Our team is happy to support patients through the claims process so they don’t have to worry about payment for services.

ICM |  Consult only
  • Full consultation (1.5 hours)
  • Follow-up visits x 2
  • Report and recommendations
  • Physician teleconferencing
  • Referrals to optimize care
ICM |  30 days, clinic follow-up

Everything offered in the full consult, plus 30-days of:

  • In-clinic visits (30 min)
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Paid gym membership
  • Program materials
ICM |  30 days, comprehensive care

Everything offered in the 30 day program, plus 30-days of:

  • Home or clinic visits (60-90 min)
  • Ongoing clinical monitoring

** At the discretion of our clinicians, fees are reduced or waived for persons with limited ability to pay.  Our Compassionate Care Program recognizes some of our best patients suffer financial distress by having to pay for care.  In all cases, we will review no-cost services available and offer community referrals at no cost to the patient.

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