Affordable counselling when you need us.

Our Psychological Treatment & Intervention service provides psychological treatment & support for anxietygrief and depression.  And, since our clinic is open evenings and weekends, you can typically attend your initial appointment within 2 days of calling or texting.  Our regulated health professionals have advanced training and experience in clinical counselling, and help sustain rapid shifts in your emotional state.

Before Your Appointment…  Remember to augment self-care strategies as best you can.
Will I benefit from your care?
  • We provide comprehensive counselling which includes psycho-therapeutic interventions, exercise coaching, medical oversight & lifestyle counselling.
  • Psychiatry is a recommended first-line treatment option for anyone coping with serious mental health concerns (e.g. psychosis, delusions, paranoia or severe panic).  Even in this case, we can still connect you to the right professional at no cost to you.

Please call (780) 482-4357 [CMHA 24-hour Distress Line] or go to your nearest Emergency Room if you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Services & Pricing:

All clinical services qualify as a health expense.  Costs can be billed directly to your insurance provider or health spending account, and any out-of-pocket costs qualify as a “medical expense” for Canadian tax purposes.

On-demand counselling

On-demand counselling & treatment to manage stress, anxiety & depression in clinic or at home.

30 days, unlimited counselling

One month of comprehensive counselling & treatment to assess and treat stress and emotional challenges facing adults in the community.  Our 30-day consult includes:

  • Comprehensive initial visit
  • Unlimited follow-up (30 days)
  • Unlimited phone support (30 days)

* If suffering from disabling mental illness (including agoraphobia/panic disorder), services are also available via home visit for no additional cost.

** At the discretion of our clinicians, fees can be reduced or waived for persons with limited ability to pay.  Our Compassionate Care Program recognizes some of our best patients suffer financial distress by having to pay for counselling.  In all cases, we will review no-cost services available and offer community referrals at no cost to the patient.


Need help?  Call or text us anytime at (780) 851-9717.