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The concept of health coaching was recently re-developed by researchers at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, based on the minimally disruptive medicine (MDM) approach to care. Health capacity coaches combine disease-specific knowledge with “first-class” clinical coaching. The aim of a capacity coach is to “co-create” health recommendations & treatments with minimal disruption to a person’s life. This is all done with the ultimate goal of optimizing existing therapies.

Many patients express concern when medical care disrupts daily life. In fact, multiple studies illustrate how commonly prescribed treatments for many chronic diseases can interrupt “normal” life. The consequence is that many effective treatments are abandoned because they don’t fit (an sometimes even compete with) overarching life goals. Sometimes the burden of health-care leads to an “erosion of trust” between the treating health professional and patients.

A health capacity coach utilizes a powerful set of tools to eliminate key barriers to chronic disease management, asking patients & families to advise them on “quick wins” and “strategic opportunities” to effectively:

  • Reduce treatment burden
  • Support clinical decisions
  • Build capacity to “do the work”
  • Off-load parts of “the work”
  • Build an ecosystem for health change

ADMISSION CRITERIA | Admission to any health coaching program requires MD/NP referral or an intake assessment by a coordinator.

When patients and health professionals partner to build a vision for health care together, clinical teams can rapidly optimize outcomes & reduce the footprint of health care. This requires some level of compromise, so advice fits within the context of a patient’s life. That’s one key piece of what health capacity coaches do.