Achieve lower blood sugars and keep them at target.

In most cases, the progression of Type II Diabetes can be reversed.  Key metabolic changes predict remission of Type II diabetes and intensive diabetes management is proven to both lower blood sugars and improve quality of life over time.

Our Mastery Over Diabetes (mod-DM) intensive clinical program helps almost anyone win the fight against Type II Diabetes, safely guiding them towards lower blood sugar and better diabetes control.   It’s time to make achieve mastery over diabetes with coaching from a Registered Nurse like you’ve never seen it before!  Optimize medication, diet and exercise routines… and discover a new level of health, with more energy and vitality.

Program Details:

We can direct bill your insurance provider or health spending account, or you can choose to pay directly for services.  Any out-of-pocket costs also qualify as a “medical expense” for Canadian tax purposes.  Our team is happy to support patients through the claims process so they don’t have to worry about it.

mod-DM |  Basic
  • Intensive diabetes consult
  • Follow-up visits (3 x 60 mins)
  • Unlimited phone advice (30 days)
  • Equipment costs
  • Participant workbook
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Invitations to FREE Patient Support Group
mod-DM |  Comprehensive

Everything offered in mod-DM-Basic, plus 90 days of:

  • Unlimited follow-up
  • Unlimited phone advice
  • Paid gym membership (90 days)

* Achieve a ≥ 15% reduction in HbA1c after 90 days of participation in our comprehensive program, or receive an  additional 90 days  of comprehensive coaching… on us.

Winter 2019 |  Open enrollment


** At the discretion of our clinicians, fees can be reduced or waived for persons with limited ability to pay.  Our Compassionate Care Program recognizes some of our best patients suffer financial distress by having to pay for clinical coaching.  In all cases, we will review no-cost services available and offer community referrals at no cost to the patient.