“The definitive factors in determining whether someone is in good health extend significantly beyond access to care and include the conditions in their life and the conditions of their neighborhoods and communities.”­­

John Auerbach, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Community health programs begin with a vision of uplifting the whole people. However, the process of translating this vision into the “real world” is where the core vision for health-care often gets lost.

Some “real world” health implementation challenges include:

  • Communities try to fix gaps in care… but new services do not improve community outcomes.
  • Community members identify urgent needs… but existing services are not designed to respond to these needs.
  • Local leaders secure extra grants & funding… but find there is no demand for new health services.

Our Experience

ConsortiaCare.ca was founded with the vision of transforming community care. It soon became apparent that existing funding eco-systems were working against our vision for health-care. Likely due to the culmination of multiple barriers, many community nursing supports that did exist were fairly basic and unskilled. Over time, ConsortiaCare.ca noticed that we could fix gaps in the current system of community health care. Our team developed successful methods to serve diverse patient populations, and helped train other health professionals on these methods. As part of this journey, we discovered other health professionals who wanted to collaborate.

From Good to Great

To offer “first class” health care, we asked what great health-care actually looks like. We also asked if great health-care looked anything like what we planned to offer. Asking these questions helps us to provide critical supports.

Our Community Health Services can include:

  • Health administration — recruitment, policies & procedures, QI initiatives, interim management of clinical affairs
  • Clinical operations — program development, accreditation support, staff education & training
  • Contract health services — direct clinical care, counselling, health promotion & prevention, managed health programs