Most people can achieve lower blood sugars, but can you keep them at target?


In some cases, you can.  Key metabolic changes predict remission of Type II diabetes, and can control blood sugar over time.

Our Mastery of Metabolic Disease group talks about your “Metabolic Options”, drawing from robust research in the field to give you the best chance to reverse diabetes.  A Registered Nurse facilitator will guide you through the process of lowering your blood sugar and controlling diabetes And, this is all done with hands-on coaching from a Registered Nurse, which means you gain real-life experience incorporating key medication, diet and exercise changes into your life. 


Mastery of Metabolic Disease |  Group/Individual
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Consult
  • Group exercise classes OR Private follow-up visit
  • Phone support for 1 month
Summer/Fall 2018 |  Open enrollment

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