It’s time to change how we manage weight & health.


The Weight-PG™ Method is uniquely designed to push back against our natural tendency to regain weight, arming you with research-backed strategies to maintain weight with less of a fight.  Facilitated by a trained facilitator in a friendly gym setting, we offer advanced skills to transform your fight against weight regain.  Since weight loss takes commitment – and is often the topic of popular advice – this program goes beyond the basics of weight management.   Our weight loss program focuses on managing the metabolic milieu of obesity, providing facilitators and participants with research-backed concepts for sustainable weight loss.

Weight-PG™ is about creating leadership in health.  To stop fat-shaming.  To acknowledge the role failure has to play in weight loss.  To sustain safe care, we provide ongoing support from a Registered Nurse with special training in chronic disease management.

Join in the exciting work of promoting community health & safer weight management interventions!


Weight-PG™ |  RN Consult & Follow-up
  • Comprehensive Weight Management Consult
  • Course manual
  • Personalized Exercise & Meal Plan
  • Telephone Support (1 month)
  • Invitations to FREE Group Events (3 months)
Weight-PG™ |  Peer Facilitator Training
  • Peer Leadership Training x 1 month
  • Coaching and Professional Development
  • Competency Exams (Written & Practical)
  • Co-facilitation x 1 event

 * Introductory Pricing –   $150 off  

$540.00  $390*
Winter 2018 |  Additional groups starting soon (3-5 people/group)

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