Clinical experts doing life-changing work.


Consortia Care manages a growing group health consulting portfolio that drives health, boosts productivity and reduces health costs for community groups, organizations and other health professionals.

We partner with existing insurers, health professionals and community groups to rapidly connect defined-risk groups to a grid of health resources.   And, since we focus on providing direct care, our health professionals stand ready to support defined-risk groups like you’ve never seen before.

Each program is custom-built to meet the needs of defined-risk groups.  Right now, we do not offer support with general health promotion campaigns (those which apply to an entire community or geographic area).  However, if your organization requires marketing and promotional campaigns to help with injury prevention or to mitigate health disparities for a defined portion of your population or client base, we focus on helping local and provincial organizations improve personal health when the stakes are high.

How health consulting works?

Our team rapidly connects defined-risk groups to a powerful grid of health resources.  We help hospitals and clinics manage complex clinical challenges.  We can also help identify clients at risk of harm and act quickly to improve outcomes within your organization.  In either case, our clinical team has advanced training and experience in health psychology, risk management, chronic disease management and mental health counselling.   There is no match to our marketing expertise, since it is grounded in evidence-based health care.   This allows us to generate messaging that drives results.

Registered health professionals in the Province of Alberta supervise all clinical aspects of work, which means we are empowered by provincial legislation to offer responsive health services to defined-risk groups.  To maintain a high standard of trust among all stakeholders, Consortia Care does not offer occupational health or disability case management services and also adheres to all privacy legislation and standards that govern health information.  This ensures Consortia Care remains fully accountable to its stakeholders and the public.

Who benefits from these programs?

Group health consultants build strategic partnerships to drive optimal personal health among your employees or defined community groups.  Since we do not offer occupational health services, referral pathways also exist to respond to any workplace risks & injuries in a way that resonates with your corporate policies and relevant privacy legislation.  At all times, you control what groups receive what services.  In most cases, this program is fully tax-deductible.

Because our services are health focused, we step-in to make sure defined-risk groups can access a grid of health resources when they need it.  Our program proactively manages health risks with health promotion programs proven to improve individual health outcomes.


Basic Services:
Speaking & presentations

Highly engaging presentations with follow-up resources to help defined-risk groups address personal health challenges.

Health consulting

Intensive consultation with stakeholders and management teams to leverage specific health outcomes, using evidence-based health marketing approaches.




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