“As healthcare constrains its mission to save money, it allows waste… Healthcare should not waste precious resources or scarce talent that patients urgently need.”


Empathy is not just a motivation or a human virtue. It is also a skill that can be taught. In other cases, empathy is an action. It goes beyond simply thinking about others to also protect and defend patients from avoidable harms. In all cases, empathy also protects and rewards us as healthcare professionals. The feeling of helping is powerful and an important part of clinical practice. It propels us towards common (social) goals. Humans help others in large part because we sense proximity or connection. Empathy helps individuals understand others’ emotions as a source of social intelligence and leadership, providing us healthcare providers with a sense of connection. Empathy, therefore, is a key prerequisite for respect, presence and even mutual cooperation.

Rapid Response Empathy™ training equips healthcare teams with powerful practices to create meaningful moments, using the latest research to connect with less stress in busy practice settings.

Open Innovation Projects

Assertive Empathy Clinical Guide

This document supports Regulated Health Professionals to enhance their awareness of empathy and rapport-building techniques

Community of Practice (CoP) in Therapeutic Empathy

Join our CoP and help us build a world-class community of clinicians and researchers right here in Edmonton! Our common goal is to advance research and clinical practice around therapeutic empathy interventions.