Schedule of Health Service Fees

Individual health services** are billed based on this fee guide.

  • Version: 1.8
  • Implementation Date: October 15, 2020
Registered Nurse (RN) Services
  • RN meet & greet (Optional) — No Cost
  • Faxed report to family physician — No Cost
  • Referrals & Care coordination— No Cost
  • Home visit — $11.99 / 10 mins *
  • House call (Booked 7 days prior for episodic or acute health concern) — $35.97 + home visit cost
  • Telehealth visits (videoconference calls) — $9.99 / 10 mins *
  • Other telephone supports — $5.99 / 10 mins *
  • Disposable clinical supplies (> $ 5.00 value) — Patient supplied or billed separately at-cost
  • Clinical equipment — No additional cost or service fees disclosed prior to treatment (billed separately)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Services

Not available at this time — can coordinate referral to external providers.

Other Professional (NP, RPN, RD, RPsych) Services

Not available at this time — can coordinate referral to external providers.

Non-regulated Provider Services

Nursing assessment and formal care plan required prior to visit. Care plan or delegation of care must be authorized by a nurse registered in the Province of Alberta.

  • Health Care Aide (H.C.A.) support — $37.50 for first 50 mins, then + $7.50 / 10 mins thereafter
  • Home exercise support — $55.00 / visit
  • Group exercise training — fees vary by class & program

* All time-based services will be charged, at minimum, at the base rate. Billable time is rounded down to the nearest billing unit (e.g. rounded down to the nearest 10 minutes).

** Individual health services pricing does not include contracted services provided to corporations, employee/employer groups, non-profit organizations and/or governmental organizations. Health services provided to groups and communities may include minimum service guarantees and, as a result, may not be charged on a fee-for-service basis. Individual health services also do not include fees for population health projects, community or group consultations, professional education & training, quality improvement (QI), clinical research, health operations support, legal consultations, health systems management or planning. These services are billed according to payment terms specified within service agreements.