In order to provide equitable access to our services, all health services are billed based on the following fee guide.
Version: 1.2
Implementation Date: May 1, 2019

Registered Nurse (RN) Services

Core Services

  • Initial assessment/Meet & greet (30 mins) — No Cost
  • RN consult report (Faxed to family physician) — No Cost
  • Referrals & Care coordination — No Cost
  • In-clinic visit — $23.78 / 20 mins *
  • Home visit — $11.89 / 10 mins *
  • House call (Booked 3 days prior for health concern) — $ 35.67 + home visit cost
  • Telephone advice & Case conferencing — $5.95 / 10 mins *
  • Group visit (3-10 participants) — $ [(Visit Cost + 20) / 3]
  • Disposable clinical supplies (> $ 5.00 value) — Patient supplied or billed separately at-cost
  • Clinical equipment — No additional cost or service fees disclosed prior to treatment (billed separately)

* Time-based services are only charged after a full 10 minutes have elapsed, are rounded down to the nearest billing unit (e.g. rounded down to the nearest 10 minutes).

Package Services

  • No active bundled programs or groups *

* Package services include defined allocations for health services within specific time periods and must be substantially (>90%) performed, otherwise costs are billed at a per visit rate. Billing is completed at the end of service delivery, and is segmented by type of expense (RN care, equipment/facility costs, etc.)

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Services

Not provided at this time.

Other Professional (NP, RPN, RD, RPsych) Services

Not provided at this time.

Non-regulated Provider Services

Not provided at this time.

Compassionate Care Program

As part of our Compassionate Care Program, all patients currently have universal access to a no cost initial visit (meet & greet) with an RN regardless of their financial means or ability to pay. This includes faxing an RN consult report to their family physician, and offering referral to alternate services or providers.

Health service fees can also be waived in order to ensure continuity of care and provide uninterrupted access to health services. Waived service fees are at the discretion of Consortia Care and are allocated to the Compassionate Care Program for time tracking. Fee waivers are only provided to patients with limited access to health resources and finances (limited income). Health service fees cannot be waived as an incentive to providing other services, or as a replacement of publicly-accessible health services.