A phone call and/or virtual visit with an Autopilot™ nurse is required before admission to this home care stream. Please contact us at (780) 851-9717, ext. 101 if you or a family member are interested in this program.

Autopilot™ by is a restorative home care service inspired by wellness.

In this home care program, a Registered Nurse (RN) works with you to co-design new patterns of living at home. Our Edmonton-based home care staff have completed additional training in health coaching, counselling, nutrition & exercise prescription. They are trained to support you, with the goal of improving your life at home.

Call our nurse to learn more about Autopilot™ — During this call, the Autopilot™ nurse consultant will answer your questions about this program. They will also introduce other options available for community care, to help you decide if this program is a good fit for your health goals.

* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of nursing fees

If you are noticing any severe or sudden onset of symptoms, call 9 1 1 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.
This home care stream was designed to support people living at home with:
  • Daily living fatigue from chronic disease (e.g. COPD or heart failure)
  • Reduced independence after major health events (e.g. hip fracture or heart attack)
  • Symptom distress from chronic conditions (e.g. chronic back pain)

Prior to admission to this specific stream of home care, a phone call and/or virtual consultation with a Registered Nurse is required. There is no cost for this call. During this call, the nurse will review your health goals, answer your questions about this program and introduce other options for community care.

What is Autopilot™ by

Traditional Home CareAutopilot™
Deficit model of care
(e.g. improve home safety to prevent falls)
Quality of Life focused care
(e.g. prevent negative impacts from mobility challenges)
Provides home care to people who cannot care for themselves.Establishes new living patterns to enhance quality of life.
Addresses needs via targeted assessments, goal setting and treatment.Addresses what is most important to the person first.
Assumes personal and family goals should be aligned and in agreement.Assumes families form patterns of relating which can be modified.
Attempts to improve adherence to care recommendations. (individual focus)Modifies nurse-patient relationship to optimize care. (environmental focus)
Prescribes specific lifestyle advice and care recommendations.Presents flexible treatment options, using an iterative approach.

Traditionally, home care has focused on doing things for people. The process of “doing for” can result in health professionals managing different options for a person’s life. However, “doing for” may also compromise a person’s quality of life as disease is placed at the forefront of their care. What happens when home care diverges from patient priorities for living? And, who is the expert on how to best live their life? Surely it is the person living with their health concern.

Personal health beliefs shape what possibilities are revealed or concealed as part of a health journey. For example, some people believe companionship and housekeeping are important aspects of home care. Other people believe home care should help them complete daily tasks. Autopilot™ works with a person’s health beliefs to co-create new patterns of living based on scientific understandings of health. We do this because the ‘everydayness’ of living can obscure personal understandings of health. Our nursing professionals provide expert guidance to identify your pattern of living and chart course towards a new path in life. In the Autopilot™ home care program, our home care nurses focus on what is possible for you and your health.

What Autopilot™ is not

Most people would benefit from nursing care that addresses their quality of life first. However, Autopilot™ is not intended to support people with acute illness likely to require hospitalization. This home care program is also not intended to support people with limited capacity to make personal decisions. (In this case, our Neuron™ home care program may be a better fit for you). This program requires extensive involvement by the person to co-design their home care trajectory. It involves sharing your life experiences and personal understandings of health. Your nurse will then go further to ‘evoke’ richer descriptions of your health, and explore what this might mean in your life.

This home care stream may not be suitable for people who are unable to:

  • Make personal care decisions (e.g. lacks capacity to make personal or healthcare decisions)
  • Participate and guide their own care
  • Recall past experiences and personal understandings of their lived experience
  • Take on the added work of co-designing a plan for nursing care

Autopilot™ is a home nursing service that integrates supportive care, counselling, nutrition & exercise coaching into your daily life. We focus on co-designing new patterns of living within your own home environment. However, if you already know what you need, we are happy to connect you with a home services provider who can provide specific services (e.g. companionship or personal cleaning services).

Why choose Autopilot™?

  • We place your Quality of Life at the forefront of care.
  • We have adopted a unique model of care to understand living patterns and identify what is possible for your health, using an evidence-based nursing approach.
  • We work closely with other professionals and health-care services to mobilize the best possible team to resolve your health concern.

Have questions?

Why not call a nurse to discuss how you are living with health concerns? Get in touch when it’s convenient for you, and let us look into a range of care options for your particular health question.

Other care options are also available in the Edmonton area.

There are many other community supports available to Edmonton residents. In many cases, public services could be a better fit for your particular health needs.

Alternate care options include: *

AHS Continuing Care Access manages access to publicly-funded home care in the Edmonton area.

811 - Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta (811) provides free navigation, health advice and referral to provincial health services.

Brain Care Centre - Support for Brain Injuries

Brain Care Centre provides services and social supports to Edmonton residents with acquired brain injuries.

* provides links to these external providers to help Edmonton residents self-refer to the best possible services for their health condition.