Plan for great health.

Our Complex Care Plan service supports you, your pharmacist and your family physician to generate a unified care plan to support your health. A nurse-informed Complex Care Plan can help manage unstable health conditions (e.g. advanced COPD or heart failure) proactively, also helping your team decide:

  • How medical care fits within your life
  • The benefits and risks of treatment
  • What side-effects may occur
  • What funding & resources exist
  • If your care is aligned with your goals
  • If goals align with recommended care

Following a comprehensive assessment, we fax a copy of our consult report to your pharmacist and family physician. Both pharmacists and family physicians may then review & revise this care plan, giving our patients a consensus opinion on their health needs.

Program Details

All clinical services qualify as a health expense. In many cases, costs can be billed directly to your insurance provider or health spending account. Any out-of-pocket costs also qualify as a medical expense for Canadian tax purposes.

Comprehensive assessment & medication reconciliation • Education about safe medication use • Report and recommendations

* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of nursing fees