Plan for great health.

Our Annual Care Plan service works alongside your medical team to help patients get a second opinion from an experienced nurse or nurse practitioner, integrating your goals-of-care into our discussion of complex medical conditions. This helps us determine:

  • How treatments may impact daily life
  • The benefits and risks of treatment
  • What side-effects may occur
  • What funding exists for treatment
  • If treatment is aligned with goals
  • If goals align with recommended care

Following our assessment, we review all recommendations with patients and offer to fax our consult report both to their pharmacist and family physician. Both pharmacists and family physicians may then complete their own annual care plan, giving our patients a comprehensive second and third opinion informed by their own values & goals managing their disease condition at home.

Program Details

All clinical services qualify as a health expense. In many cases, costs can be billed directly to your insurance provider or health spending account. Any out-of-pocket costs also qualify as a medical expense for Canadian tax purposes.

Comprehensive assessment & medication reconciliation • Education about safe medication use • Report and recommendations

* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of nursing fees