Neuron™ Home Care

Neuron is a specialized home care service to optimize recovery after concussion, stroke or brain injury in Edmonton, Alberta
Home care for recovery after concussion, stroke or brain injury in Edmonton
Neuron™ helps improve life after brain injury, including concussion and stroke.

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You don’t have to recover from brain injury alone. The Neuron™ home care program offers tele-health nursing visits to Alberta residents as well as direct home care to patients living in Edmonton, Alberta. After stroke or brain injury, Neuron™ provides expert care to help patients recover at home. We know it’s critical to get the right care at the right time after sustaining a brain injury. Rehabilitation therapies are most effective in the first six months after a stroke or brain injury, but they can also help later in the healing process. Our home care service connects patients to expert health professionals providing post-stroke care and brain injury treatment in Alberta.

Mood, self-esteem and brain function can be improved by reducing other symptoms of brain injury.

After a brain injury, the Neuron™ home care program provides symptom-based care to help restore independence and self-confidence. It’s hard to feel confident when moderate-to-severe symptoms interfere with daily life. The various symptoms of brain injury can be daunting, ranging from migraines to speech impairments. And, when symptoms aren’t under control, even the most motivated patients may put off seeking care. That is why we look to improve the symptoms of brain injury before starting other therapies that support brain injury recovery.

One of the most crucial predictors of brain health is a person’s quality of life. Unfortunately, the successful treatment of neurological symptoms requires advanced training and experience. This is what sets our home care services apart. All Neuron™ home care staff use a ‘capacity coaching’ approach during care. Capacity coaching is an innovative method to help home care patients recover faster after a stroke or brain injury. This approach works by assisting our patients with the difficult work of controlling daily symptoms.

Symptom-based care can reduce stress, improve overall health and promote a return to daily life.

The Neuron™ home care program tracks changes in daily symptoms, sleep habits, nutrition and physical activity. We also provide on-demand counselling and psychosocial rehabilitation if life gets out of hand. Fatigue and headaches are two of the most common symptoms we manage. However, there are many other symptoms of stroke or brain injury. These symptoms can build up over time, eventually disrupting daily life. That’s why, as part of our stroke and brain injury recovery program, we keep a close eye on symptoms.

Brain symptoms can be complicated, requiring an understanding of the disease’s underlying neurobiological causes. Our home care program was created to help patients cope with neurological symptoms while living at home. We are available most evenings and weekends, and take pride in delivering outstanding care after hours. Anxiety, insomnia and vertigo are common nocturnal symptoms of brain injury. Symptom distress is, therefore, likely to occur overnight after brain injury or stroke. Unmanaged symptom distress may then prolong recovery after stroke or brain injury. In the scientific literature, good symptom control is related to improved outcomes.

It’s time to make your comeback after stroke or brain injury.

With Neuron™, home care includes:

  • Symptom coaching
  • On-call nursing care
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Capacity coaching
  • Case conferencing with physician
  • Care coordination & referrals
  • Functional exercise & nutrition
  • Speech and swallowing exercises
  • Chronic disease management
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Counselling/psychotherapy

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(780) 851-9717


* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of home care fees

If you are in distress or are having a medical emergency, please instead call 9 1 1 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.
This home care program strives to:
  • Improve recovery after stroke, brain injury or concussion including post-concussive syndromes.
  • Prevent short-term memory loss & confusion including post-stroke cognitive impairment and mild neurocognitive disorders.
  • Proactively address functional disorders including difficulties walking, speaking or completing daily activities.

A phone or video call with a Registered Nurse is required prior to admission to this home care program. This call is free of charge. During this conversation, the nurse will review your health concerns, answer any health questions and discuss different options for community care.

Summary for Health Professionals

The Neuron home care program
Is a specialized home care service serving Alberta residents.
Helps improve life after stroke, brain injury or concussion.
Helps control neuropsychiatric and physical symptoms of brain injury.
Helps reduce frailty post-stroke or brain injury.
Provides intensive rehabilitation supports and symptom-based care.

The Neuron™ home care program provides specialized supports for patients after a concussion, brain injury or stroke. Our program shapes brain health with professional home supports that complement usual care. We focus primarily on improving health-related Quality of Life using a capacity coaching approach. In turn, home care services help improve self-efficacy and expedite your patient’s return to normal life, school, work or play.

As a stand-alone home care program, Neuron™ is built around your patient’s financial resources. We typically seek direct coverage for home care services via provincial and private health insurance plans. Our clinical team also closely collaborates with primary care and specialty teams to deliver evidence-based therapies within the patient’s home. In this way, our home care services can help reduce health-system utilization and improve recovery after traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke.

Evidence-based therapies form an important part of our care. We frequently address health-system gaps and improve access to brain injury rehabilitation services in Edmonton. In addition to effective health supports, this specialized program provides cognitive, functional and psychosocial rehabilitation to complement a patient’s existing treatment for stroke or brain injury.

Limitations & Exclusions

The Neuron™ program does not provide emergency care. If your patient is experiencing any sudden or unexpected neurological change, please do not refer them to our home care program. Urgent neurological concerns should be referred to emergency medical services, or the patient’s nearest Emergency Department.

Unique Features & Benefits
  • We provide symptom-based care for recovery after concussion, brain injury or stroke.
  • We developed a specialized home care program to help patients recover at home.
  • We identify what is possible for concussion, brain injury or stroke rehabilitation using evidence-based strategies.
  • We work closely with other health professionals and community health services to mobilize the best possible team to enhance recovery after concussion, brain injury or stroke.

Have questions?

Why not call a nurse to discuss how you are living after brain injury or stroke? Get in touch when you need help, and let us look into options for brain injury or stroke rehabilitation in Alberta.

Other care options are also available in the Edmonton area.

There are other options for brain injury and stroke recovery in Edmonton. In many cases, other services could be a better fit for your particular health needs.

Other care options in Edmonton include: *

AHS Home Care provides access to fully funded home care post-stroke, concussion and brain injury in Edmonton, Alberta

AHS Continuing Care Access provides access to publicly-funded home care in the Edmonton area.

811 (Health Link Alberta) offers free phone support for Edmonton residents post-stroke, concussion and brain injury.

Health Link Alberta (811) provides free navigation, health advice and referral to provincial health services.

Brain Care Centre - Non-profit Support and Care for Concussion, Brain Injury and Stroke Recovery

Brain Care Centre provides services and social supports to Edmonton residents with brain injury and stroke.

* provides links to external providers to help Edmonton residents select the best possible service for their health condition, and is not affiliated with them.