Neuron™ provides virtual counselling & home-based therapy to Alberta residents with acquired brain injuries and neurocognitive disorders.

In this combined tele-health and home care program, a Mental Health Therapist cross-trained as a Registered Nurse (RN) works through difficult situations with you. We are Edmonton-based professionals dedicated to improving your overall mental and physical health.

Our Edmonton-based home care team has completed added training in psychological counselling, health coaching and primary care behavioural health. They stand ready to enhance your psychological well-being at home.

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Virtual care uses secure videoconferencing and electronic communications (e.g. secure e-mail) as an alternative to an in-person visit with your health care provider.

We may talk about how you are feeling, review your treatment plan and care options, or share health information and education. During the virtual care appointment, we will also clarify what services are available and which cannot be provided using electronic means for your particular health concern.

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* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of nursing fees

If you are experiencing distress or a medical emergency, please immediately call 9 1 1, Edmonton’s 24/7 Mental Health Distress Line or go to your nearest Emergency Room.
This home care stream was designed to support people living at home with:
  • Traumatic brain injury including post-concussive syndrome
  • Mild cognitive impairment resulting in reduced working memory, attention deficits or reduced ability to speak
  • Major neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s Dementia

Prior to admission to this specific stream of home care, a phone and/or video call with a Registered Nurse is required. There is no cost for this call. During this call, the nurse will review your brain health concerns, answer questions about this program and discuss other options for community care.

What is Neuron™?

Neuron™ is…
Designed to build upon your strengths.
Psychologically-enhanced care.
Focused on your goals.
Focused on your environment.
Dedicated to improving your psychological well-being.

The Neuron™ program was founded on the premise that past experiences shape what is possible for your mental health. For example, your life can inspire hope or it can trigger hopelessness. The environment in which we live can also sustain or deplete us. The human brain is highly diverse. As a result, each person we meet has unique strengths and weaknesses. From this, we either seek connection or disconnection in specific settings. These lived realities both enable and limit future possibilities for health change, shaping our future experience of mental health. With an expert guide on your side, you are supported in re-formatting life’s patterns to uncover new possibilities for health.

This home care stream provides a psychologically-enhanced home care service, including:

  • Mindfulness-based approaches
  • Adaptive nutrition
  • Exercise prescription
  • Mental health counselling
  • Health coaching
  • Functional rehabilitation

What Neuron™ is not

At this time, the Neuron™ program is not able to provide emergency care for neurological conditions (e.g. a brain bleed or stroke).

If you are experiencing distress or a medical emergency, please immediately call 9-1-1, Edmonton’s 24/7 Mental Health Distress Line or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Why choose Neuron™?

  • We place your psychological well-being at the forefront of care.
  • We have adopted a unique model of care to better understand living patterns and identify what is possible for your health , using an evidence-based nursing approach.
  • We work closely with other providers and health services to mobilize the best possible team to resolve your health concern.

Have questions?

Why not call a nurse to discuss how you are living with health concerns? Get in touch when it’s convenient for you, and let us look into a range of care options for your particular health question.

Other care options are also available in the Edmonton area.

There are many other community supports available to Edmonton residents. In many cases, public services could be a better fit for your particular health needs.

Alternate care options include: *

AHS Continuing Care Access manages access to publicly-funded home care in the Edmonton area.

811 - Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta (811) provides free navigation, health advice and referral to provincial health services.

Brain Care Centre - Support for Brain Injuries

Brain Care Centre provides services and social supports to Edmonton residents with acquired brain injuries.

* provides links to these external providers to help Edmonton residents self-refer to the best possible services for their health condition.