Call a nurse who understands you.

For patients with ongoing care needs & chronic disease, we make life more predictable. This includes matching patients to an on-call nurse who has previously met them & personally understands their daily challenges.  There is no charge for an on-call nurse until patients call for telephone advice.  At this point, your assigned nurse is ready to provide:

  • on-demand counselling,
  • ongoing health monitoring, and
  • disease management advice.

Our highly-trained nurses also integrate with other providers to stabilize and reduce the burden of distressing symptoms at home.  This includes consultation with existing providers, referring to specialized programs, and coordinating care to align recommendations.

We do not currently support patients with advice for one-time (episodic) health concerns. For this service, Alberta residents can call 8-1-1 (HealthLink Alberta) to speak with an on-call Registered Nurse anytime.

Program Details

On-call nursing services qualify as a health expense. Any out-of-pocket costs also qualify as a medical expense for Canadian tax purposes.

NURSE ON CALL | FREE initial visit *
On-call nursing support for complex conditions & mental health • Health coaching • Referrals to optimize care

* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of nursing fees

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