After Stroke Care

Neuron is a specialized home care service to optimize recovery after concussion, stroke or brain injury in Edmonton, Alberta
Expert home care to improve recovery time after stroke in Edmonton, Alberta
Stroke recovery is enhanced by timely access to expert rehabilitative care.

You deserve the best possible recovery after stroke.

To help enhance stroke recovery, our expert home care team provides leading-edge stroke therapies and evidence-based stroke rehabilitation services.

Comprehensive brain health assessments, dietary coaching, and exercise training — not to mention personal care — are all available in the comfort of your home.

In-home stroke therapy can help reduce recovery time.

Intensive rehabilitative support can improve reduce time to recover after stroke.

But, how do you access care when you can no longer drive to appointments? In-home stroke therapy with a specially trained Registered Nurse (RN) may provide the answer.

Successful treatment of post-stroke symptoms often requires several follow-up visits. It takes time to treat the loss of speech, swallowing deficits and partial paralysis that can accompany stroke.

Across multiple studies, innovative treatments for stroke have helped reduce the time it takes to recover after stroke.

We achieve post-stroke recovery by first assessing “the work” required to live a good life. Symptom-focused therapy helps our patients stay motivated and helps us understand barriers to a full recovery after stroke.

Effective post-stroke care includes psychological support.

Improved symptom control also helps improve quality of life at home.

Post-stroke pain, right-sided paralysis and difficulty speaking are just some of the symptoms we help treat through in-home care.

Through treatment of symptoms, we know that symptom control is easier when people feel supported in managing the many emotions that accompany loss.

That is why our staff are trained to provide psychosocial rehabilitation to patients (and their caregivers) as a routine part of post-stroke care.

Protecting your mental health is just a small part of what we do. In fact, we see tremendous clinical benefit from offering this service proactively to all patients recovering from stroke alongside their family.

Life can get better after a stroke.

Our specialized home care services after stroke include support with:

  • Functional exercise & nutrition
  • Speech and swallowing exercises
  • Chronic disease management
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Psychological support
  • On-call nursing care
  • Case conferencing with physician
  • Care coordination & referrals

* See Schedule of Health Service Fees for an itemized list of home care fees

If you are in distress or are having a medical emergency, please instead call 9 1 1 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Summary for Health Professionals

Our home care program for stroke recovery
Provides home care support to Edmonton residents recovering from stroke.
Helps improve the capacity to independently complete daily tasks (BADLs) after stroke.
Helps control neurological, psychiatric, and physical symptoms that often delay or limit post-stroke recovery.
Helps reduce frailty after stroke.
Provides intensive rehabilitation support and symptom-based care.

This home care program provides in-home rehabilitation after stroke. In fact, our program helps improve brain health with professional home support that complements usual care. We focus primarily on improving health-related Quality of Life (HR-QoL) using a capacity coaching approach. In turn, home care services can help improve self-efficacy and expedite your patient’s return to life and/or work.

As a stand-alone home care program, our home care services are built around your patient’s financial resources. We typically seek direct coverage for home care services via provincial and private health insurance plans. Our clinical team also closely collaborates with primary care and specialty teams to deliver evidence-based nursing care within the patient’s home. In this way, our home care services can help reduce health-system utilization and improve recovery after stroke.

Evidence-based therapies form an important part of our care. We frequently address health-system gaps and improve access to stroke rehabilitation services in Edmonton. In addition to home support, this specialized program also provides cognitive, functional, and psychosocial rehabilitation to complement a patient’s existing treatment for stroke.

Limitations & Exclusions

We do not provide emergency care. If your patient is experiencing any sudden or unexpected neurological change, please do not refer them to our home care program. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) should be activated for any urgent neurological concerns, or the patient immediately referred to their closest Emergency Department.

Unique Features & Benefits
  • We provide symptom-based care for recovery after stroke.
  • We developed a specialized home care program to help patients recover at home.
  • We identify what is possible for stroke rehabilitation using evidence-based strategies.
  • We work closely with other health professionals and community health services to mobilize the best possible team to enhance recovery after stroke.

Have questions?

Why not call our clinical team to discuss how you are living after stroke? Get in touch when you need help, and let us look into options for stroke rehabilitation in Edmonton, Alberta.

Other care options are also available in the Edmonton area.

There are other options for stroke recovery in Edmonton. In many cases, other services could be a better fit for your particular health needs.

Other care options in Edmonton include: *

AHS Home Care provides access to fully funded home care post-stroke, concussion and brain injury in Edmonton, Alberta

AHS Continuing Care Access provides access to publicly funded home care in the Edmonton area.

811 (Health Link Alberta) offers free phone support for Edmonton residents post-stroke, concussion and brain injury.

Health Link Alberta (811) provides free navigation, health advice and referral to provincial health services.

Brain Care Centre - Non-profit Support and Care for Concussion, Brain Injury and Stroke Recovery

Brain Care Centre provides community and social support to Edmonton residents after a stroke.

* provides links to external providers to help Edmonton residents select the best possible service for their health condition and is not affiliated with them.