Our Work:  Co-designing new possibilities for health together with people living with illness.

Hypothesis™ by ConsortiaCare.ca is a nursing innovation hub for advanced analytics & community care. Through Hypothesis™, we are well-positioned to design and launch tech-enabled nursing initiatives to empower community care. Our team is also interested in working with community and non-governmental organizations to support their health innovation process. We aim to provide end-to-end project management for innovative nursing initiatives in the community.

This can include:

  • Interim clinical support (community nursing focus)
  • Drafting grant applications and reports for organizational review
  • Advising on current nursing practice models and research-informed perspectives
  • Completion of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) and optional assumption of custodial responsibility for health information
  • Regulatory compliance documentation (Health Canada regulations, interprovincial privacy/reporting obligations)
  • Health research ethics and project ethics reviews/approvals
  • Health marketing & health promotion
  • Project risk management (health focus)
Logo for Hypothesis: a nursing innovation hub for advanced analytics & community care.

Project 1

Project Name — NightWard™

Stage — Concept/Design

NightWard™ will utilize theoretical and evidence-based nursing perspectives to prevent distress, using symbolic representations (such as music, visual effects and poetry) to potentiate meaning and connection within a virtual space for on-call nursing care.