Professional help when you need us.


Our After Hours Counselling service provides psychological treatment & support for anxietygrief and depression when these concerns get the best of you.  And, since our clinic is open evenings and weekends, we typically offer a first appointment within one day of calling or texting.  If you are an adult living in the community, consider accessing comprehensive counselling from a Registered Nurse with advanced training and experience.  After one week of comprehensive clinical counselling, a specially trained nurse will also check on treatment effectiveness and work with you to develop a plan for self-care and ongoing support.

Things that Help… Before Your Appointment:
Relaxation & Mindfulness


What are some reasons I should choose a nurse counselor?

You can trust nurse counselors at Consortia Care, in part because we are regulated in the Province of Alberta and  trained in multiple treatment approaches.   If you are looking for evidence-based psychological treatment, we place Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at the center of your care.  That is because there is strong evidence supporting the positive effect of high-quality CBT on your emotional health.  We also use exercise, relaxation and meditative techniques to sustain rapid shifts in depression and anxiety disorders.

You benefit from nurse counselors who are broadly skilled and adaptable, but who are also connected to other professionals to manage complex conditions.  Our staff use multiple approaches, including:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Brief Interventions, Lifestyle Prescription, Medication Management and Behavioural Activation.

In addition to professional clinical care, you gain a counselor who cares deeply about the role of self-healing in your health.  We put you in the driver seat throughout treatment, in part because when you are empowered to provide detailed feedback on our helpfulness, we can best adapt care to your needs.

Will I benefit from your care?

That depends.  Are you looking for cutting-edge psychological treatment?  Are emotional challenges making your life more complicated than you would like?  Do you worry about stress and a declining health status?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably try our approach… because it’s different from other care approaches out there.   We start by addressing the root causes of unresolved griefdepression or anxiety with research-proven techniques – in clinic, at the gym or at home.

Although we typically step-into care within one business day, if you have an immediate need for mental health supports, please call:

  • (780) 482-4357   24-hour Distress Line  [Telephone Psychological Support]
  • 811  Health Link Alberta  [Health Advice]
  • 211  Mental Health Support & Crisis Diversion Team  [Referral Service]


Initial Services & Pricing:
After Hours Consult |  2.5 hour initial visit + 1 month of follow-up

One month of comprehensive counselling & treatment to assess and treat stress and emotional challenges facing adults in the community.  Our after-hours consult includes:

  • Initial meet and greet  [30 mins]
  • Comprehensive visit     [2.5 hrs]
  • Follow-up visits            [1.0 hr]

** If suffering from disabling mental illness (including agoraphobia/panic disorder), services are also available via home visit for no additional cost.

$ 498
On-call Counselling |  Monthly Subscription

After completion of an “After Hours Consult”, patients have the option of ongoing counselling and treatment from a Registered Nurse with advanced training & experience providing psychological care.  Offer includes access to unlimited telephone support during the course of care.  Available evenings and weekends.



Can’t call right now?  We can call (or text) you later.

After you submit this form, we will attempt to contact you with twenty-four hours.  Your name and phone number will be kept on file for one week, until we can contact you by phone or text.*

* We are collecting this information according to the requirements specified in the Health Information Act of Alberta, sections 27(1)(a),(g).