Population health care that uplifts the whole people.


At Consortia Care, we create innovative Community & Employee Health (CEH) Programs that can enhance recovery and reduce health costs.

We partner with existing insurers, work sites and community groups to provide gold-standard clinical care, connecting defined-risk groups to a grid of health experts for short-term and emergency support. Our health professionals stand ready to respond – at work, at home, at the gym or in clinic.

Our CEH programs are custom-built to meet your needs.  Whether you need to facilitate an early return to work or manage common health risks within a defined population, we focus on helping Edmonton organizations improve personal health when the stakes are high.  As a result, all participating organizations also receive complementary risk management programs from Consortia Care.


How is a Consortia Care population health program different?

When our Community & Employee Health (CEH) Programs get activated, defined-risk groups are immediately connected to a powerful grid of health resources.  Our team has advanced training and experience in chronic disease management and mental health counselling.  Our Registered Nurses have also achieved national certification in Community Health Nursing and are trained in key clinical practice guidelines, including those published by Diabetes Canada, CHEP, the PATH clinic and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.

Unlike traditional services, we are 100% focused on personal health care.  If needed, we can partner with disability case managers to drive rapid recovery and early return to work.  Registered health professionals in the Province of Alberta provide all care, which means we are empowered by provincial legislation to offer responsive health services to your employees.  To maintain a high standard of employee confidence, Consortia Care does not offer occupational health or disability case management services.  This ensures Consortia Care remains fully accountable to the personal health needs of defined service populations.

Who benefits from this program?

Our Community & Employee Health (CEH) Programs inspire optimal personal health among your employees or community groups. They are not intended to be an occupational health service, and referral pathways exist to respond to workplace risks & injuries in a way that resonates with your corporate policies.  At all times, you control what work sites or populations receive what services.  In most cases, this program is fully tax-deductible.

Because our services are health focused, we step-in to make sure defined populations can access a grid of health resources when they need it.  Our program is designed to proactively manage population health risks with clinical programs proven to increase productivity and population health outcomes.


Initial Services & Pricing:
Employee Health Presentation |  30 min – 1 hour

Highly engaging presentations with follow-up resources to help teams address personal health challenges in the workplace.

Work-site Consult |  Multiple visits & meetings

Intensive consultation with employees and management teams to address personal health challenges and improve specific health outcomes in the community/workplace.



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