On-call expertise to overcome life’s challenges.


The On-call Nursing program pairs you with a Registered Nurse, ready to provide:

  • on-demand counselling
  • chronic disease management, and
  • ongoing health advice & lifestyle supports

This program includes defined “admission” and “discharge” points, so you know when you are followed by a nurse.  Admission to our on call nurse program also includes ongoing access to telephone support during the course of care.  We’ve designed our services so your nurse is most available in evenings and weekends, enabling you to access care when you need it.  After you call, a Registered Nurse will contact you within one (1) business day.  We step-into your care team to comprehensively manage and treat disease conditions and provide emotional support with a team of experts available for further consultation.  Referral protocols and care pathways ensure you get the best of both worlds: research-based nursing care + expert team consultation.

How is a Consortia Care nurse different?

Registered Nurses at Consortia Care are highly trained professionals, ready to adopt a leadership position on your health-care team.  All Consortia Care nurses are trained in key clinical practice guidelines, including those published by Diabetes Canada, CHEP, the PATH clinic and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.  They complete extensive training to augment their skills on an annual basis.

Consortia Care nurses are also passionate about health.  They care deeply about the role of nursing and healing in your health.  Our nurses want to connect with you, not blame you for your health condition.  They know that a philosophy of non-judgement and empathy improves the accuracy & effectiveness of nursing care.

Most importantly, a Consortia Care nurse is accountable to you.  They ask our patients for detailed feedback about our helpfulness, and truly care to keep you in the driver seat.  You aren’t a customer.  Rather, you are a key part of the expert team.

Who will benefit from this program?

The On-call Nursing program steps-into your care when life gets complicated.  We start by addressing your root causes for symptom distressacute functional decline and disease progression – in clinic, at the gym or at home.

However, your on call nurse is not a replacement for urgent care or even your family doctor.  If you need medical care, your nurse will make sure you can get access to this care.  But, your nurse does not replace other professionals on your team.   We instead take care of many things that get sidelined.

What if I am not a fit for this program?

That’s o.k.  We encourage everyone to try to access publicly available services first, and the most appropriate professional second.  Many times that means we refer you to another trusted healthcare provider.  Everyone receives a free Meet & Greet visit to discuss different community care options before we formally step-into your care.


Initial Services & Pricing:
On-call Nursing |  Monthly Subscription

On-demand counselling, disease management and lifestyle support from a Registered Nurse.  Offer includes access to unlimited telephone support during the course of care.  Available evenings and weekends.

RN Consult – Evenings & Weekends |  2 hour consult + follow-up

An RN can also provide intensive primary care to help you manage complex disease conditions.  Our initial consult includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Care planning and coaching
  • Referrals to optimize care
  • Report and recommendations

** Available in clinic or at home.

$ 179


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