Health Workshops

We also facilitate health workshops for Edmonton residents. Our workshops help participants accomplish important health goals and overcome barriers to living at home.

To register for any of our courses, call (780) 851-9717.

Group Workshops

(Registration Required)

Return to Empathy (R2E) Caregiver Coaching

To have empathy, people must understand the perspectives of other people (“theory of mind”). Learn how to help people with cognitive disorders ‘return to empathy’ during routine care interactions.

Guided Visualizations for Managing Distress

Guided visualizations are known to help people adapt to stress. Which visualizations are most effective for improving tiredness and energy levels? Learn three visual processes proven to shape how we perceive fatigue.

A Brief Guide to Managing Symptom Distress

Everyone has experienced anxiety at some time in their life. But, what happens when someone fears for their health? Learn evidence-based practices for how to manage anxiety caused by distressing symptoms.

Plan Now to Age in Place: Checklist for Home Living

As people grow older, it is important to build a plan to live successfully at home. Learn how you can prepare to grow old in your home, reviewing nine areas of your life with a helpful checklist to cover all the bases.

Relaxation Exercises to Improve Sleep Quality

Calm your mind, deepen your breath, and open your heart to new possibilities for healing. This online meditation immerses you in relaxing images and sounds, inviting you to dream differently about health and healing.

Opioid Emergency Response & Naloxone Kit Training

Employees and residents in Downtown Edmonton can call us anytime to schedule a free training session.

Patient Support Groups

(Existing Clients Only)

Patient support groups are only available to active clients. Please speak to your assigned health professional to join one of these support groups.

  • Capacity Coaching for Stroke & Brain Injury
  • Aphasia Recovery and Movement Retraining Group (ARMR Group)