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Your health and your human potential are sustained by expert care. A nurse-led team can ensure care is well-matched to your particular needs. At, a Registered Nurse with added training and experience acts as an expert guide for your health journey.

Home Care Options

Restorative Home Care for Frailty and Falls Prevention
Restorative Care

A Registered Nurse (RN) led team helps clients recover at home — as much as possible — after major health events.

Home Care for Brain Injury and Neurological Conditions
Brain Rehabilitation

Intensive home care to improve thinking (e.g. problem solving, speech & short-term memory) as well as emotional control after brain injury.

Nurse-led Symptom Management
Symptom Support

Supporting patients & families to reduce the cumulative impact of illness, worry and health-related depression on daily life.

Our Work: Building a new kind of nursing.

As COVID-19 continues to spread internationally, there is an urgent need to review evidence-informed approaches to symptom self-management. There are currently 4 pillars of symptom self-management which may enhance the likelihood of successful recovery from COVID-19.

The 4 pillars of symptom self management for COVID-19 are inspired by the evidence-based Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) principles, which have dramatically improved post-surgical recovery times using a supportive care philosophy.

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Empathy is not easy when we feel rejected by the other party, or when there is conflict.  However, it remains a critical skill required of professionals in almost all meaningful health care interactions. The Trauma-informed Empathy toolkit is published as an open-source set of tools to support empathy skills development from a neurobiological perspective.

While many health professionals associate empathy with active listening, listening alone doesn’t ensure understanding. Behind empathy are a set of critical skills (e.g. presence, safety and belonging) which open minds to deeper connection. Our goal in creating these tools was to utilizing the emerging science of connection to improve the quality of clinical interactions.

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Adam Henley, RN — Registered Nurse — Edmonton, Alberta
Founder of

In 1859, Florence Nightingale founded modern nursing with a simplistic but evocative book. Her Notes on Nursing forged a new vision for the profession, bringing basic care back to the forefront of health. was also founded with the bold idea of providing care that is equally evocative, bringing an attitude of discovery back to home nursing care.

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Innovative home care streams to support complex care needs.


Percent of patients discharged from home care within 3 months.

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Have questions?

Why not call our nurse to discuss some options available to help you recover at home? Get in touch when it’s convenient for you, and let us look into a range of care options for your particular health question.

Other care options are also available in the Edmonton area.

There are many other community health supports available to residents living within the Edmonton area. In many cases, public services could be a better fit for your particular health needs.

Alternate care options (external organizations) include: *

AHS Continuing Care Access is the central point of access to public home care options within the Edmonton area.

811 - Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta (811) provides free navigation, health advice and referral to provincial health services.

Brain Care Centre - Support for Brain Injuries

Brain Care Centre provides services and social supports to Edmonton residents with acquired brain injuries.

* is not affiliated or in any way connected to any of the above organizations. These links are provided to help Edmonton residents self-refer to the best possible services for their health condition.

About Us

Consortia Health Care Inc.
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As an Edmonton-based home care provider, provides intensive home care services led by Registered Nurses (RN’s) with added training in supportive care, counselling, nutrition & exercise coaching.

[Notice re: COVID-19 — June 9, 2020]  Before any home visit, telephone screening must be completed with the assigned nurse to decide on required precautions as well as possible alternatives to an in-person visit. may place additional restrictions on home care services in order to protect patients at increased risk of complications from COVID-19.