Fee Schedule

Individual health services** are billed based on the following fee guide.

  • Version: 2.7
  • Implementation Date: February 1, 2023
Registered Nurse (RN) Services
  • Virtual care & telehealth visits — $11.99 per 10 mins *
  • Home visit — $13 per 10 mins *
  • Complex care coordination — $13 per 10 mins *
  • Referrals & interdisciplinary communications — No Cost
  • House call (home visit required following telephone triage) — $40 + visit cost
  • Neuropsychological assessment with report — $175 per hour
  • Complex care plan for psychosocial rehabilitation — $375
  • Comprehensive assessment with report — $150 per hour
  • After hours care (1 hr call back x 24 hours) — $295 per day + visit costs
  • Isolation precautions surcharge — $10
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (24 hours) — $35
  • Clinical equipment and supplies — provided at cost
Non-regulated Provider Services
  • Health Care Aide (H.C.A.) visit — $39 for first 50 mins + $5.99 per 10 min thereafter *
  • Home exercise support — $65 per 1 hour session
  • Group exercise training — fees vary
Other Regulated (RPsych, RPT, OT, RD, NP, LPN) Services

Based on presenting needs, will coordinate referral to allied health provider or program.

Health System Navigation

For non-residents of Canada and travellers seeking healthcare services within Alberta.

  • Health System Navigation, Non-Resident (Mandatory fee for non-resident travellers to Canada seeking residential care within Alberta) — $2,700.00 + direct costs
  • Non-Resident Consultation — Preauthorization Required

* Billable hours are rounded to the nearest billing unit (e.g. rounded down to the nearest 10 minute interval).

** Individual health services do not include care provided directly to any group, including corporations, insurance companies, non-profit organizations and/or governmental organizations. Health services provided to groups and communities may include minimum service guarantees and, as a result, may not be charged on a fee-for-service basis. A service agreement or purchase order must be in place prior to providing group or community health services.

Compassionate Care Program

Patients living below the poverty line may request a waiver of health service fees to facilitate access to health services and referrals.

Waivers of health service fees are at the discretion of Consortia Health Care Inc. and are allocated to the Compassionate Care Program for time tracking. Health service fees cannot be waived as an incentive to providing other services, or as a replacement for publicly-available services.